UpCycle CQ INC.

Empowering individuals by providing skills and resources to become self-sufficient, while also promoting sustainability and efficient use of resources.


What we do

UpCycle CQ INC is a socially responsible association operating as a charitable and public benevolent institution, dedicated to improving the lives of those in need, particularly young people in rural areas.

UpCycle CQ INC programs address the increasing challenges to conventional waste stream management and the tendency we all have to build up stockpiles of preloved or ready-to-throw out items!

UpCycle CQ INC invites young people to look seriously at why there’s a need to UpSkill and work with tools, why there’s a need to UpCycle by combining old and new materials to capture value and begin an exciting journey to exchange, transact, and UpScale. UpCycle CQ INC’s activity horizon encompasses the development of tomorrow’s job creators.

UpCycle CQ INC is a key initiative conceived to encourage our local young people to reconnect and cope with educational challenges and find new ways to navigate social boundaries.

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James Callan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer